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You have a beautiful business that you can’t wait to get out into the world. You know it will help people and you need to get it online and get visible.

Or maybe it is already out there in the world, but it’s starting to feel tired, a little worn. Not really you anymore.

Either way, you need someone to ask the right questions, and dig into your goals and dreams so that your business can soar.

My superpower is listening. You tell me about your business and your hopes and dreams for it.  I ask questions until we uncover the best way to bring it to life online. And then I get to work.

It’s cathartic, collaborative, empowering, and enjoyable.


No frustrating figuring things out, no late night Photoshop tutorials on creating header graphics, no procrastinating on facebook or pinterest – just a lovely mix of deep down peace in your soul, and excitement about reaching the people who need your work.

We can do this together, and here’s why

I’ve been doing this web thing for a while now.  Over 20 years, in fact.  I’ve been crafting beautiful, hardworking websites since the internet was just a dial-up baby, and led a team of talented web professionals to create the online architecture for a special New Zealand government project (not quite as secret ops as it sounds!).

I mentor and write for the Web Designer Beauty School.

I’ve worked with life coaches, relationship coaches/authors, business mentors and accountants-turned-nutritionists.  I’ve built a website for an engineering company that prides itself on providing bespoke solutions to its customers.  In my former business life, I fell in love with user-centred design, usability and commonsense solutions.  I work hard at providing a technical jargon-free zone. Whether you’re a yoga or pilates instructor, a business or life coach or other creative small business owner who wants to transform lives, I can help bring your online home to life.

What I want above all else is for you to have a successful business that you love. I can help you make that real.

A little about me

I spend a lot of time at our nearby velodrome, watching my track-cycling obsessed husband improve his sprint times, and planning our next trip to watch the gladiators of road cycling take on the Tour de France. I love beautiful cars and long to own an Aston Martin. I’m besotted with Venice, Cirque du Soleil and our cat, Moose. And coffee. Although that’s more of an addiction, really.