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to attract the clients you want

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You're a smart business leader. You're clear on your niche, and great at what you do.

Unfortunately, you've got a website that doesn't exactly instill confidence in the clients you want to attract.

Ready to change that?

Is this you?

time poor

Is sorting out your website buried somewhere on your list of things to 'get around to' when you have time?

slightly embarrassed

Are you worried that your brand looks out of date compared to your competitors (and that you're losing sales to them?)

out of alignment

Do you feel that the way your website looks is stopping you from confidently charging well for your services?

Are you ready to swap your outdated website for something that reflects who you are now?

"Working with you is an absolute dream. You can quote me on that."

- Heather Thorkelson - Author of No Plan B -

Imagine for a moment...

How are you feeling today with your not-so-professional website hanging over your head? Stressed? Frustrated? Anxious? Overwhelmed?

Worried about the opportunities that are passing you by? The sales you’re missing out on? The clients you’re not able to help.

Now imagine that in a few short weeks you have a website that you’re proud to market.

One that’s easy to update, easy to add to as your business takes off, and a magnet for your ideal clients.

doesn't that feel better?

Web Designer | Strategist | business growth champion

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Sally, a Web Designer living in Cambridge, New Zealand and working with clients all over the globe.

I can build you the website you need. I know how to draw out your business needs and your “why” and combine them to craft a website that tells your story and supports your goals for more visibility, more sales, more people on your list. My partnerships with copywriters, SEO specialists and other experts are available to support your needs.

My goal is to transform businesses.

Let's get to work transforming yours.

This is so EXCITING!! I didn't know what to expect with how little direction I gave but apparently you're a genius and knew exactly what I needed!

Successful Projects

I draw on my years of successfully delivering projects in government and the public sector, as well as in the entrepreneurial space, to help you knock your projects out of the park. 

And if you’re not yet sure of the scope of your project, don’t worry. I offer Complete Website Clarity sessions as an initial low-risk, lower cost investment to map out your project goals and the strategy to get there.


As a way to build trust with potential clients, a professional looking website makes a big difference. It helps convince people to take a step closer to working with you.

I tailor packages for each client based on the problems you’re wanting to solve. The majority of my clients invest between $5-15K depending on their needs. Payment plans are available.

If you’re not ready to invest at that level, we can still have a chat. My DIY to Designer or Back Pocket Expert services might be ideal for you.

Ready to take things to the next level?

Let’s have a chat about your project.

“Professionally, you will not find a more brilliant, reliable or intuitive website designer or developer. On a personal level, she’s a blast to work with, and has a great sense of humour. If you’re looking for a website designer that you can build a long-term relationship with, and who will exceed your expectations at every turn, you will not find a better person anywhere.”

Debra Macleod - Marriage Coach and Author

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