Website Design Days

One day vip design intensives

fast, fun + efficient
You're a smart business woman. You've got your logo, your color palette, your brand photos, and you're clear on your niche.
What you don't have is the website that reflects who you are now.
And you're kind of in a hurry to change that...
Is this you?
Out of date
Are you worried that your brand looks out of date compared to your competitors (and that you're losing sales to them?)
out of touch
Do you feel that your brand isn't aligned with the problems you solve and the customers you work with?
out of time
Is your website buried somewhere on your list of things to 'get around to' when you have time, and that time never seems to magically happen?

Are you a coach or consultant who's ready to swap your outdated website for something that's more enticing to your prospective clients?

What if you could have that in a day?

Imagine for a moment...

How are you feeling today with your not-so-professional (or maybe even unfinished) website hanging over your head? Stressed? Frustrated? Anxious? Overwhelmed?

Worried about the opportunities that are passing you by? Embarrassed to post your website on promo days on social media?

Now imagine that by the end of tomorrow you have a website that you’re proud to market.

One that’s easy to update, easy to add to as your business takes off, and like catnip for your ideal clients.

doesn't that feel better?

What kind of projects can be completed in a Website Design Day?

Here are some examples of what can typically be done in a one day intensive (larger projects may need an extra day/s)*

  • Brand Strategy
    A simple logo, colour palette, font selections, graphics styles and brand style guide (once you've gone through my strategy process, included in the price).
  • Website Design
    Re-design, refresh or create a brand new website so that you can start getting leads and booking clients!  (2-3 pages in a day, 4-6 pages in two days.)
  • Shopify Setup
    Get your new store up and running with up to 5 products loaded and ready for sale.

*It's important to know that when you purchase a Website Design Day, you're booking me for a DAY, not a set of deliverables. But due to my years of experience, my processes, and my ability to really understand you and your business, you can have a standard 2-3 page website in one day.

You’ll need to have all your brand assets ready though – logo, colour palette, images, copy. If you don’t have these, you may want to book a Brand Strategy Intensive, where I take you through my indepth process to uncover your goals, vision and purpose for your business, which form the basis of your brand strategy. You’ll come out of it with a clear understanding of who you want to serve and how you’ll serve them, plus I’ll create a simple text logo, colour and font selections, and a brand style guide. Then you'll be ready to book a Website Design Intensive.

This is so EXCITING!! I didn't know what to expect with how little direction I gave but apparently you're a genius and knew exactly what I needed!

Emma Rohmann -


A Website Design Day is NZ$2250 + GST (approx US$1500). Book a quick call with me to talk about your needs and discuss whether this approach to working is right for you.

How does it work?

If we decide a Website Design Day is right for you, what happens next?

1 // Book your day

We’ll find a day in my calendar that works for us both. We’ll take into account the pre-work you’ll need to do to be prepared for our day, and also book in our 1 to 2-hour strategy call (which takes place 7 days before our dedicated day).

You’ll have the option to pay 50% to book, and 50% the day prior to your Design Day, or simply pay once, in full, and relax!

2 // Complete the Pre-Work

Depending on what kind of intensive we’re working on, you’ll have some specific pre-work to complete. You’ll be guided through this so you’re in the best possible state for our dedicated day.

3 // On your Dedicated Day

During your day, other than a quick break for a sandwich and a coffee, I’ll be focussed totally on your work. We’ll communicate throughout the day via a messaging app (eg. Facebook Messenger) to collaborate as I work.
Note: This is not an in-person or video-call intensive, but I do need to be able to reach you for feedback and questions during the day. Worried that our timezones don’t match? I have a solution for that and we’ll discuss it on our first call.

4 // Post-Day Support

The day after your intensive, I’ll provide one hour of revisions/final-touches on your work.
You’ll also have 30-days of email support from me for any questions that may pop-up after the day, just in case you are confused or stuck on anything related to the project.

“Professionally, you will not find a more brilliant, reliable or intuitive website designer or developer. On a personal level, she’s a blast to work with, and has a great sense of humour. If you’re looking for a website designer that you can build a long-term relationship with, and who will exceed your expectations at every turn, you will not find a better person anywhere.”

Debra Macleod - Marriage Coach and Author

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