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Are you confusing your potential customers?

I've been busy recently reviewing the websites of some wonderfully talented business owners, and one thing I've noticed is that we sometimes try to make our websites do too much. I know it's tempting to tell people all the things you can do, but ultimately that's a bad strategy. Give someone too many choices and… Read More

Are you missing out on business because of this one mistake on facebook?

Let's start with a quick quiz. Are you in any facebook groups? Do you have a facebook business page? Have you linked your business page to your personal page? If not, why not? If you're involved in facebook groups you'll start to meet some wonderful people, and many of them could be wanting to hire… Read More

I’m always learning (and the people who teach me)

As a business owner, its easy to get caught up in the mistaken belief that we need to be good at everything. I'm putting my hand up right now and confessing that, while I love to learn and get better at things I'm not good at, I'm a firm believer in paying the right people… Read More

Preparing for a new website

It's never too early to get prepared for a website design project.  Here are some things you'll need to pull together before your web designer can get working. Domain name (URL) and web hosting I highly recommend Siteground for web hosting. Already got web hosting? No problem - they'll migrate your existing site for free. … Read More

Are you spreading yourself too thin?

I started my business for a number of reasons, but becoming an expert in everything wasn't one of them. There's a tendancy, particularly as a web designer, to try and learn every new tool so that we can offer the best possible solution to our clients (and not feel like we're lagging behind because we… Read More

How to treat your business like your #1 client

I had an epiphany the other day. My business is a Cinderella. It gets banished to the kitchen to scrub floors while I hang out with my clients. I can pretty much guarantee that's not going to end well. Scheduling time for your own business can seem impossible, particularly when you're up-to-your-eyeballs busy doing the… Read More

Why I Started My Business And Show Up Every Day

I started my business because I was tired of showing up to someone else's desk, to grow someone else's business. I started my business because I felt I had more to offer and learn creatively, and I needed to find a way to do that. I started this business because I believe that everyone has… Read More

My Top 3 Favorite Sales Pages

Sales pages - you've probably been seduced by at least one in the past, and that's not surprising. Some of them are irresistable. A sales page is a page on your website designed to convince interested visitors to buy your product or course. It's a marketing workhorse and it tends to be fairly long (the… Read More

Do you really need a custom website?

I don't think so, no. Not when you're just starting out and figuring out how to make money. With a fully custom website costing anything from $2,000 to $10,000, I'd suggest you test the waters with a simple, functional website, and instead spend your money on marketing, or great copywriting, or getting the right business… Read More

Using stock photo websites to find inspiration

One way to turn your website from bland to beautiful is by investing in some gorgeous, on-brand stock photography. First though, you need to do a little exploring. Here's how you can put together a gallery of inspiration for you and your web designer using one of my favourite stock photo websites - Stocksy. Go… Read More