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Twin Tracks Expeditions

Redesign and build of this specialist polar adventure tourism company website
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Green at Home

Design and build for a Canadian environmental engineer and green-living advocate
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Furbaby Retreat

Build of this website for this luxury cat hotel based in Perth, Australia
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Sonia Therese

Shopify ecommerce store for this NZ-based jewellery designer
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Raglan Art

Design and build to showcase Raglan's art community
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Debra Macleod

Design and build for a leading international marriage coach
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Aim To Capture Photography

Design and build for this up-and-coming young photographer's business
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Debra May Macleod

Design and build of an author website (subsequently turned into a DIY project by the author and rebuilt on Squarespace)

This is so EXCITING!! I didn't know what to expect with how little direction I gave but apparently you're a genius and knew exactly what I needed!

Emma Rohmann - greenathome.com

When it was time to update the website for my personal “passion project,” a website for my book series, I knew Sally was the right person for the job. The website I had looked amateur and didn’t represent me well at all. I went to Sally with a vague vision of what I wanted: she asked me a series of questions that refined my vision and then she ran with it – and struck gold with the first round of design. Seeing the result was truly an emotional experience. I felt like my subject matter, which is very dear to me, was finally showcased in the beautiful, moving, compelling way that it deserved. It’s an absolute joy to look at my site and even now I’ll just click through, for no other reason than to enjoy it. Whereas before I was hesitant to share my website with anyone, now I can’t wait and I proudly share it with everyone, from producers to readers. I’ve heard “Wow, your site is beautiful” more times than I can remember and I never get tired of hearing it!

Debra May Macleod - Author, The Vesta Shadows Series

Sally is hands down the best developer I've ever worked with. As the owner of a busy little brand studio I know I can trust Sally to keep projects on track, care enough to think about the little details and the big ones, problem solve the tough bits, and all with the most helpful attitude. I just know she's always got my back and that's such a comfort for any owner of a growing business.

Naomi Gora - naomigora.com

Working with you is an absolute dream. You can quote me on that.

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