What could you get done with a website expert in your back pocket?

Not everyone needs a brand new website
sometimes you just want to make what you’ve got
work better

that's when you need a

Back Pocket Expert

Are you struggling with problems like these?

  • you’ve had a new brand identity created and you want someone with good tech skills, functionality know-how and an eye for what looks good to integrate the branding across your website.
  • you’ve had a copywriter write you a new sales page and you now need it designed, added to your website, and connected up so you can start making sales.
  • your home page doesn’t really flow well and you’d like to make it more welcoming and modern-looking.
  • your online store doesn’t look great or isn’t making many sales and you don’t know how to improve it (and you’re afraid to poke around in the back end because you’re not techy and you don’t want to break anything).
  • you’re about to launch a new Shopify store and you want to make sure you’ve got it set up properly.
  • you want to know how to ‘drive’ your website behind the scenes but don’t know who to ask to teach you (and you’re a bit afraid that someone who gets tech stuff will talk down to you…).
  • You’ve started selling large items in your Shopify store, but now the delivery costs have skyrocketed. I can set up new shipping profiles for you so you can offer oversize items without subsidising the shipping cost.
  • something else? If you’ve got an annoying website problem that’s frustrating you and you’re spending time Googling to try and fix it, we should talk!

That's why I created my Back Pocket Expert service

I’ve been building websites for over 20 years, and have worked in government and corporate before starting my own business.

And in my business I’ve worked with a lot of wonderful people who already have a website – they just need a little help to make it work better (or sometimes, just remember how to use it – no judging!)

So I’m offering my help as a Back Pocket Expert. I mostly work with WordPress and Shopify, but I’m also able to quickly get to grips with other systems. Let me know what you’ve got, and I’ll tell you if I can help you!

And because I believe it’s important to be in control of your own destiny, I help women feel more confident to take the reins themselves by making short and sweet videos of how to do things behind the scenes.

Here's how it works (and what it costs)

Half Day

$795 + GST ($480 USD)*

Full Day

$1200 + GST ($800 USD)*

  1. We have a chat via Zoom and talk about what’s keeping you stuck.
  2. If it’s a system I’m not familiar with, I may need to do an audit of your site – that’s NZ$150 + GST ($100 USD). If it’s a system I’m familiar with, we skip this step.
  3. I provide you with a recommendation on how to move forward. This could be a list of tasks that I can do for you, or might be a report on what’s not working that you can take to someone else for further help (and recommendations on who that might be).
  4. Based on my findings, you and I prioritise what you’d like me to work on. I send you an invoice for $795 + GST ($480 USD) for a half day, or $1200 + GST ($800 USD) for a full day, and when that’s paid, I book in your half or full day.
  5. Magic happens! I do the work and make you any videos you might need so you’ll be able to take over the reins yourself (if that’s what you’d like to do, of course!).

*prices are listed in NZD and USD

Thanks Sally! It looks so much better.
Margi Leech
Director - Edushop
Just been looking at the website and love so far what you have done!
Trisha Jordan
Owner - Cakers NZ Decorating Supplies
Working with you is an absolute dream. You can quote me on that.
Heather Thorkelson
Business Coach, author of No Plan B

Is what you need not on the list?

Need a blog set up on your hosting so you can add your own design and content? Or a set of on-brand social media profile graphics? Or need to move to new web host? There are many things I can help with – too many to list out.

Think of me as your expert on call. I’m always happy to have a chat to see if I can draw on my many years of experience from running my own business to help you, or if not, guide you towards the right person who can.

“Sally is hands down the best developer I’ve ever worked with. As the owner of a busy little brand studio I know I can trust Sally to keep projects on track, care enough to think about the little details and the big ones, problem solve the tough bits, and all with the most helpful attitude. I just know she’s always got my back and that’s such a comfort for any owner of a growing business.”

Naomi Gora - Business owner and designer

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