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My Top 3 Favorite Sales Pages

Sales pages – you’ve probably been seduced by at least one in the past, and that’s not surprising. Some of them are irresistable.

A sales page is a page on your website designed to convince interested visitors to buy your product or course. It’s a marketing workhorse and it tends to be fairly long (the web equivalent of an infomercial). If its done right, it works really well.

The nuts and bolts

A sales page has all, or most, of the following sections:

  • a Welcome video – this lets people see who you are, get to know you a little, talks a little to the pain points
  • Why you’re here – do you have any of these problems/does this situation sound familiar?
  • The message of hope – what if it didn’t have to be that way?
  • Some points about what life could be like if this problem was resolved
  • First set of buy now buttons
  • Client testimonials
  • Hi, I’m ………. (an intro if a welcome video wasn’t used)
  • Who is this for? Who is it not for?
  • Course curriculum (if it’s a course)
  • What you get (a list of the goodies)
  • Bonuses (the things you get if you sign up early)
  • FAQs (to deal with the potential objections)
  • More testimonials
  • Another set of buy now buttons.

To create a sense of urgency, some sales pages will have a countdown timer right at the top, and maybe also repeated at the end of the page. So far, so standard.

The magic

But come closer. Do you want to know what makes a good sales page great?

A great sales page is so beautiful you want to make out with it.

It makes you ache every time you see it, and you keep it open in a tab just so you can look at how pretty it is and you long to buy the thing its selling so you can be a tiny bit as fabulous by association.

A great sales page makes you want to join its tribe more than you ever wanted to hang with the cool kids at school.

And oh boy, do you ever want to buy it. You’re probably working out what you can sell, or which credit card isn’t maxed out (I don’t advocate that, but you’ll be thinking it), or whether you really do need to eat this month.

Here are three that are breaking my heart by being so damn gorgeous.

Kathryn Hocking’s ecourse Launch Formula

(full sales page is no longer available online, so this is a Pinterest link)

e-course Launch Formula - Kathryn Hocking

Kate Byrne’s The Betty Booked Out Formula


The Blogacademy Online

The Blogacademy Online

Oh. I can’t even…

Okay, so sales pages are an art and a science rolled into one magical container. Do it right, and you’ll be selling out places on your course, or your product or service, like never before. Just be prepared to pay. Sales pages are an investment in your business, and the design alone can cost as much as some websites. The investment is worth it though, as part of a full launch strategy.

Want to see some more sales page inspiration? I have a Pinterest board that’s growing by the day that you may want to follow. And check out some of my other boards while you’re there.


About the author: Hi there, I’m Sally. I work with strategic designers to build beautiful websites, online stores and client attraction strategies for coaches, healers, life-changers and women transforming the world, one step at a time.

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