Case Study – Osbaldiston Lane

How Sally Saved Nicki Osbaldiston 5 Hours a Week

Osbaldiston Lane’s stunning website transformation

An independent case study by Wordbird Copywriting

Sally delivered so much more than a website. She’s given me 5 hours back in my week, as I’m no longer writing proposals to unqualified clients. And she’s been instrumental in making my business something I truly enjoy working on.

Nicki Osbaldiston

Director, Osbaldiston Lane

The Client

Osbaldiston Lane is a boutique marketing and strategy consultancy.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, owner and director Nicki Osbaldiston works with small to medium local businesses and non-profits.

With several years of marketing and leadership experience, Nicki loves building trusted relationships that lead to long term growth for her clients.

The Challenge

A clunky, confusing website that attracted the wrong leads

Like many start-up solopreneurs, Nicki wanted to minimise expenses and leverage her skills. So she built her own website, which she used to attract, filter and start a conversation with her ideal clients.

But several months into her business, she knew the basic website she created wasn’t presenting the right image.

It felt clunky and didn’t position her as the credible expert she is. It didn’t make her feel good and she actively avoided sharing it with people.

Ultimately, it wasn’t attracting the right clients, which meant she was spending valuable time filtering leads, instead of coming up with fresh marketing ideas to help local businesses grow.

A crucial selection process

Nicki had worked with web designers before. She knew that making a poor choice would lead to a poor performing site, and ultimately be a poor investment.

Nicki wasn’t prepared to take that risk. So when she kept seeing Sally’s name appearing as a recommended, trusted web designer in a Facebook Group for women in business, she felt confident she’d found the right designer for her.

My site is my shopfront. It needs to attract the right clients, and position me as a trusted advisor. I needed a web designer who understood that, and could help me clearly articulate my ideal client and deliver a customer-centric site.

The Solution

The right questions lead to the right solution

Sally has extensive experience in building customer-centric sites, as well as brand strategy and business coaching. She kicked off the project with a strategic deep dive into Nicki’s business, covering:

  • Nicki’s purpose, vision, and goals
  • Her ideal client
  • The customer journey

Sally used this vital information to build a future-focused website, optimised for Nicki’s customers’ journey, and ultimately, conversion.

Sally also used her intimate knowledge of Nicki’s business, and her goals, and recommended additional actions:

  • Clarifying her message
  • Refining her service offering
  • Developing a signature offer with a fixed price.

With Sally’s guidance and support, Nicki implemented these recommendations. Each was designed to help Nicki attract the right type of clients, and filter prospects who wouldn’t be a good fit.

When experience counts

Sally’s robust process, combined with her extensive experience meant that Nicki invested minimum time in the project.

Sally even promptly accelerated the wrap up of the site so Nicki could capitalise on a unique opportunity as a guest on a podcast with a similar audience to hers.

I was so grateful to be working with an experienced designer like Sally. Her strategic approach to designing my site means she was focused on my goals. This led to some big changes in my business, all of which are designed to help me attract more of my ideal clients.

The Result

5 hours back in her week and fully qualified leads

Sally nailed Nicki’s goal of saving time by filtering out prospective clients who aren’t the right fit.

Nicki is now only speaking to qualified leads, meaning she’s got 5 whole hours back in her week.

And within weeks of the new site going live, Nicki secured a big client and two collaborations, putting her at full capacity.

Nicki also feels her new site truly reflects her brand, meaning she feels confident to promote it and use it as a tool to demonstrate her credibility.
And she’s now attracting the kinds of clients she aspires to work with, because her site speaks to them.

Nicki knows choosing Sally was a brilliant business decision, and feels her website and her business would be in a very different place if she hadn’t worked with Sally.

If I’d gone with a different designer, it’s not just my website that would be different. I wouldn’t have a signature offering that filters my clients, and I wouldn’t have the boost in confidence, clarity and courage Sally has given me. I’ve got more flexibility in my life, more joy with my clients, and a solid reliable income.

I’m so happy I found Sally. I have a beautiful, credible website that reflects my brand and attracts the kind of clients I want to work with. I’ve transformed my business into something sustainable, and my lifestyle is so much more enjoyable. It was a truly memorable experience.

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